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A message to our loyal customers

We strive to produce authentic, home-style preserves in small batches made with local, in-season ingredients, and we keep detailed records of each batch. We were notified that a jar tested from the batch of Mustard Relish, produced on December 3, 2015, sold at Alderney Landing Farmers Market, did not have the correct pH levels. This resulted in a recall of the batch. We ask our loyal customers to check the date stamp on their Mustard Relish jars. Eight jars of this batch dated December 3, 2015 are not accounted for. No illnesses have been reported. If you have one of these 8 jars of Mustard Relish dated December 3, 2015, please call us at 902-347-2675 to arrange a replacement or full refund. No other products or other batches were affected at any of our retail stores or at our markets.

We maintain an excellent working relationship with our local CFIA representatives because we are deeply commitment to food safety. The recent Eat Local food movement has seen farmers' markets experience tremendous growth. We support the efforts of the CFIA to keep our food safe. We voluntarily submit our products for testing regularly and it was in the December 3 batch that the jar submitted returned with an elevated pH level.

So please check your pantries, come have a chat with us on Saturday, and most importantly, please continue to support small, local food companies like ours.


Margaret and Larry

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