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Getting Ready for Another Wonderful Year!

A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who took the time send Birthday Wishes, it certainly is heartwarming to hear from family, friends, and customers who have become our friends.

We enjoy hearing from our Customers, about how they “think outside the box” with our preserves. Like using Marmalade as glaze on meatloaf, garlic jelly as a substitute for barbecue sauce, Hawaiian Relish mixed in with egg salad, or Apple Pie jam with ice-cream.

So whether you decide to use our jams on your toast, our pickles as a garnish with dinner, or if you use our preserves as an ingredient in one of your favourite recipes, we are thrilled that you have chosen HardyWares.

Surrounded by all of this ice and snow, it’s hard to believe that spring is only a few short weeks away. We’ve been keeping up a steady pace in the kitchen, preparing for some early season shows. We will keep this page updated as to what special events we will be attending, who knows, perhaps we’ll be in a venue near you.

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