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The Hants County Exhibition was Awesome!

Every year when I was growing up, my family attended the exhibition, it was probably the most exciting event of our summer vacation, and I am guessing most of my friends would say the same thing, as it was the only time we would get to experience the fair rides, be terrified in the haunted house, win a stuffed toy or eat way too much cotton candy. The atmosphere at the exhibition was vibrant, we were always bumping into people we knew, as everyone went to the exhibition!

So, it was especially nostalgic to attend the Hants County Exhibition, two weekends in a row. Only this time, we were vendors, and we were able to watch others enjoy the same fun and excitement we did as a family, and the best thing is hardly anything has changed. I can't think of a more fitting event to end our summer run!

Now to prepare for our fall events and start a new photo album!

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