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Pugwash Festival a Success!

Back home in Necum Teuch, after a weekend away from both home and my computer!! Wow 240 likes, thanks everyone, and a special "call out" to the Maitland ladies who are now following along, Larry loves you!

This is our first year doing the festival circuit, so we never know what to expect, therefore, we try not to set our expectations too high!

This weekend we attended the Pugwash HarbourFest, and like Stanfest, Mother Nature didn't play nicely, it rained, the wind blew hard and some of the events had to be cancelled. We spent a lot of time, just holding onto our canopy!

However, the residents of Pugwash,didn't let that stop them, they came out in raincoats & rubber boots, determined not to let the weather destroy the festival and all of the hard work that went into it!

Let's be honest, a gambling person would bet that this would be a business flop, but it turned out to be the most successful event of the 2014 season for HardyWares!!

We want to send out a huge thank you to the everyone who popped by our booth, and supported us this weekend, we had a blast!!

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