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2014 Stan Rogers Festival - Cancelled (Thanks for nothing Tropical Storm Arthur!)

Well, we have had some dissappointing news...

the 2014 Stan Rogers Festival has been cancelled due to public safety concerns arising from the expected arrival of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Arthur on Saturday.

Festival organizers made the final decision on Wednesday, July 2, and though it was a heart breaking decision for all involved, it was most certainly the correct decision. Public safety is number 1, and no one wants to see anyone put in danger. Certainly Nova Scotian are no strangers to a little rain and wind. But this will be above the norm, and the task of securing the site and providing a safe event for all in these conditions is beyond what should normally be expected. So with a heavy heart, we prepare for our next big event: The Smokin' Blues Fest! We hope you will come out to join us and celebrate some great Blues music! And all our hopes go to the organizers in Canso for a successful return next year, and hoping we will be part of it!

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